Souls, souls, souls!

Marketplace Staking

Soul Act as Part of your position on the Marketplace to receive a % of trading fees for referrals to the Marketplace. Once you refer someone to the marketplace and they provide attribution to your Soul #, you receive a portion of the trading fees. For any non-on-chain activity, Badges will be handed out in a soul-bound manner to act as a sort of resume for activities that help the Ecto Marketplace.
Soul Staking

Soul Pass and Ectoverse

Souls also get you a Soul Pass and are the first asset in the Ectoverse

Additional Data

The Soul Website has a way to view all your Souls, Soul Passes and Ghouls, as well as check the claim status for Soul Pass and Ghouls. This website will be phased out over the next two months and into our redesigned Marketplace site.