Ectoverse Land

Minting Live!
1 Soul allows you to claim 1 Land in the Ectoverse, provided it is not listed on any marketplace at the time of the snapshot. The snapshot happened! date will be announced in the coming weeks. Land is available via a public Mint.


Ecto Land resides in the Ectoverse 2D space. Grab assets from the Ecto Marketplace and place them on your land, visit other lands, combine forces to form communities, and interact with fellow Ectonians.


Land holders can take part in the boardgame style game which has special rules pertaining to the Land that abide by the Ecto Protocol. As an example, if you land on a property space you have the option to buy the land at the listed price (as per Harberger rules). The game will feature simple, advanced, and expert so all levels of players can enjoy the game. More details coming soon.