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The marketplace is a culmination of all of our writing, design work, and the first implementation of our ideas around staking and community engagement. The marketplace is designed with L2 solutions in mind, your Land & Soul combination is your key to unlocking a portion of trading fees. Simply introduce users to the platform and when they trade, you receive a percentage of the trading fee. This design allows any soul holder to participate in the advancement of the marketplace, and fulfill the larger Ecto purpose. With this design, we can gather a plethora of data surrounding community participation to inform our design of the Ecto Protocol. To fill a niche in the marketplace scene we have built our marketplace around L2s supporting Arbitrum and Optimism as well as Ethereum. The marketplace features an easy-to-use NFT swap, a L2 Zap feature for buying NFTs cross-chain, and collection on-chain integrations.
Soulbound badges will be given to Soul holders for other interactions that enhance the visibility of the marketplace. Actions include tweeting about the marketplace, onboarding collections and referring users to use NFT swaps.