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Welcome to the Ecto Ecosystem!
The Ecto ecosystem is comprised of four main projects, the Marketplace, Lost Souls NFT, Ectoverse, and the Protocol. On August 15th, 2021 we minted out the Lost Souls NFT and began the journey to make Ecto a reality. Since then we've worked tirelessly to define what Ecto means to us, and the greater crypto community. We've settled on the below overarching purpose we are attempting to build Ecto around.


To allow everyone to participate in and enjoy property ownership in their community.


To create inclusive communities where economic incentives are aligned with community goals.


  • Champion community ownership.
  • Align economic incentives towards fairness.
  • Embody decentralization.
  • Respect communities' right to privacy.
  • Embrace opensource.
We set out to apply our purpose, vision and values to each aspect of what we are calling the Ecto Ecosystem and either add, update, or delete the design to fit the above. The four main parts of the Ecto Ecosystem are the Marketplace, the Lost Souls, the Ectoverse and the Ecto Protocol. Our cheif focus will be on the Marketplace and the Ectoverse (which includes the Souls). The information and observations from the Marketplace and Ectoverse will then influence the Ecto Protocol design.
Goal: Provide economic value capture to Communities (sets of Land/Souls) operating on the Ecto Protocol.
Always meant to be an asset under the Harberger system, they will now be realized in staking on the marketplace. Head to Lost Souls to learn more about the Lost Souls, Soul Passes, and Ghouls.


Goal 1: Ectoverse Land and the Lost Souls will reside here, abide by the network protocol rules and feature a bored game-style rendition of Harberger and LVT.
Goal 2: Onboard projects to the Openworld and thus the protocol, creating unique experiences, rooms, and avatar support within the Ecto Openworld
Goal: Handle the general rules of Land and assets; each set of Land will be a community on the network and work intimately with the Marketplace.
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